Export-Import Bank

Case Study
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The Project

As one of the U.S. Government’s smaller federal agencies, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) is responsible for helping U.S. based businesses expand into foreign markets.  The agency is made up of various business units focused on industries and company size.  One of the primary focuses of the Bank is to help foster and promote Small Business growth by supporting U.S. small businesses as they seek to export goods overseas to global markets. Trade finance is a complex topic so the EXIM Small Business Group was seeking a path to broaden and extend engagement with small business leaders across all 50 states.

The Solution

The EXIM team had performed initial market research for marketing solutions that would help the agency with outreach and engagement.  The Bank hired Fig Leaf to document sales and marketing processes and requirements and assist with vendor comparisons to guide the Bank through the selection of a marketing automation platform.  The selection process timeline was compressed due to the fact that EXIM had a contract expiring for their legacy cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  They sought to move all of their CRM data, users and workflows to a new cloud-based CRM in what turned out to be about sixty business days.  

EXIM selected HubSpot as the agency’s inbound marketing platform because of the software’s ease of use for the marketing and content teams and the ability to quickly and easily integrate with the agency’s new Salesforce CRM and the agency’s Drupal content managed website.  The goal of implementing HubSpot was to increase the quantity and quality of constituent engagement and improve service levels.  

The Results

Fig Leaf worked closely with EXIM key stakeholders to create an engagement strategy which puts the constituent first by utilizing a Citizen Centric Journey(TM) approach to content marketing and delivery. The marketing automation selection enabled a rapid implementation with integrations resulting in a turnkey platform to meet the Bank’s requirements:

  • HubSpot Marketing Automation
  • Drupal CMS managing the public www.exim.gov
  • Salesforce.com Service Cloud CRM with Data.com Clean and Prospector
  • Business Card Scanning for Lead Capture
  • Google Analytics

Because HubSpot is a cloud based solution, EXIM began seeing immediate results and the full platform integration took less than 3 months.  Out-of-the-box, EXIM was able to begin publishing rich content via the web, landing pages, social media and email.  To reduce unwanted messages going to old, unengaged contacts, EXIM embarked on a nurture strategy to re-engage or remove contacts from the CRM.  The ability to quickly and easily create engaging, relevant content is one of the powers of HubSpot and the agency saw early and continued success with the launch of a new EXIM blog which features content designed specifically for U.S. Businesses interested in exporting their products overseas.  Small Business leaders can subscribe to instant, weekly or monthly content updates to stay informed on export finance topics and EXIM content publishers can schedule blog, social, email and page content in advance to ensure the right content is delivered to the right citizens at the right time.